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Jinghong Diary

The water heater should be used to pay attention to safety, improper use can cause leakage
Author: Posted on:2012-12-11 14:53:49 Hits:

With the onset of winter, the water heater is widely used, brand network Xiaobian remind you to pay attention to safety when the water heater is used, if used improperly can cause leakage threat to the lives and safety of everyone.

Recently, Shenhui Dongguan City Council jointly issued a consumer warning: the use of electric water heaters, the need to safeguard the safety of electrical environment, regular maintenance, electric water heaters use magnesium rod should be replaced about two years, so as to ensure the safety of the use of electric water heaters. www.chinaPP.com Chinese brand

Electrical environment unsafe can cause leakage

Every year, all over the country have electric water heater leakage causing casualties. Unsafe electrical environment and lack of regular maintenance is an important reason to cause the electric water heater leakage.

China's national standards requiring electric water heater type electrical appliances, must have a reliable ground protection. But in reality, the prevalence of a large number of electrical environment is not standardized, reliable safety devices, such as: no ground, the ground is not reliable, no leakage protection devices, especially in old buildings, security, self-help housing and rental electrical environment is relatively weak.

Electric water heater comes with an electric water heater plant sources, safety device, but in the short-circuit leakage protection of the water heater itself from damage, and does not protect consumers.

Therefore, even if consumers use the quality qualified electric water heater with leakage protection device, electric water heater leakage may still occur in case of household electricity environment unsafe injury accident.

Replace the magnesium rod should be about 2-3 years

Storage-type electric water heaters need to be cleaned regularly liner, replacing the magnesium rod maintenance.

Three City Council to remind, household electric storage water heater in order to prevent water base, scale a large number of attached within the interior of the storage-type electric water heaters generally use the approach of sacrificial anode to release magnesium ions to slow down the water alkali magnesium rod scale corrosion of the liner.

Magnesium stick, once consumed, if not timely replacement, likely to cause the liner corrosion or heating pipe corrosion perforation, giving rise to the risk of leakage, resulting in personal injury accident.

In general, the water heater magnesium rod to be replaced about every 2-3 years time, some of the poor quality of the water heater magnesium rod less than six months will be depleted.

Currently, some of the water heater manufacturers do not take the initiative to fulfill this obligation, most consumers are unaware of this problem completely.

How to safely use the electric water heater?

A move: periodic inspection

Consumers themselves should regularly check the home leakage protection device is working properly, the ground wire is grounded and reliable electrical safety testing. The power outlet should be kept dry, can splash water outlet.

Two strokes: periodic replacement of the magnesium rod

The magnesium rod storage-type electric water heaters use for a period of 2-3 years, consumers purchase, use electric water heater about 2 years, you should take the initiative to contact the service department to replace the magnesium rod.

Three measures: does not exceed the time limit use

Electric water heater whole life in general after a period of 8 years, consumers feel the heat slow, power consumption, should timely contact the merchant to check, in order to eliminate safety hazards. Products reach the safe life, to take the initiative to replace; If you insist on using regular professional home maintenance and inspection.