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Terminal Block

JHUK Series Universal Terminal Blocks

JHUK Series Universal Terminal Blocks

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Product Information


JHUK series combined terminal row adopts frame type screwconnection structure. The design complies with IEC60947-1, GB14048 standards, which is widely used in the circuit of AC 50Hz (60Hz), rated voltage 660V, DC 40V and below, rated sectional area 0.75~150mm² conncction conductor, it also is suitable for connecting the circle copper conductor of tube terminal that is not specially processed or pressure welding.


1、Reasonable installation structure design, wide general-purpose nature, can be used both G type and TH type guide rail. If it is above 50mm, adopts fasten accessory installation.
2、Small volume, complete set of spccification, big connectcd conductor sectional area and good electrical conductivity, the one that is below 50mm adopts copper press line frame and copper fasten screw; and the one that is above 50mm, adopts copper press line frame and steel screw and copper skirt plate. It has big tighten moment and self-locking function.
3、The strong combined function makes the connection of conductor be simpler.


(1)End covcr: Thickncss 1.5mm grey
(2)10 Center counection-strips, can be divided into 2 position or 3 position.
(3)Isolator bridge bar: 10-position, divisible need cushion block.
(4)Switch bar for 2 terminal blocks complete, add end cover between two teminals.
(5)Separating plate: be used for electrical separation of neighbouring brodges.
(6)Partition plate: 1.5mm Thickness
(7)Unviersal end fixed piece.